Effect of Boerhaavia Diffusa on Reproductive Organs of Female Albino Rats

Neetesh Kumar Jain, S D Tonpay, S C Mehta, Narendra Silawat


Disturbance of the natural steroid hormone balance can successfully disorganize the co-ordinate events involved in ovulation, ovum
transport and implantation. Thus, compounds possessing estrogenic, progestation, and anti-estrogenic or anti progestational activity
may also exhibit anti-fertility activity. The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of Boerhaavia diffusa on the fertility and
general physiology in female albino rats. Female albino rats were taken and divided into two groups. Group I served as control, group II
received methanolic extract at dose of 200 mg/kg body weight for investigating the nature of the drug on reproductive organs of female
albino rats. Vaginal smear was monitored everyday in the morning to study the different phases of estrous cycle. All the animals were
sacrificed and various haematological and biochemical parameters were estimated. Data revealed that oral administration of Boerhaavia
diffusa extract showed a significant decline in the weight of ovary, uterus, vagina as well as protein and glycogen level, however
cholesterol level increased significantly. In addition, the diestrous phase of the estrous cycle was found to be prolonged. Blood
parameters have been found to be within normal range indicating non toxic action of Boerhaavia diffusa on general body metabolism.
These results suggest that Boerhaavia diffusa has the anti-estrogenic activity without altering the general physiology of the female rats.

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