Priya Shivasamb Dhule


In recent years use of Cloud computing in different mode like cloud storage, cloud hosting, cloud servers are increased in industries and other organization as per requirements. While considering the power, stability and the security of cloud one can’t ignore different threats to user’s data on cloud storage. Data access control is an effective way to ensure the data security in the cloud. However, due to data outsourcing and untrusted cloud servers, the data access control becomes a challenging issue in cloud storage systems. Existing access control schemes are no longer applicable to cloud storage systems, because they either produce multiple encrypted copies of the same data or require a fully trusted cloud server. Malicious user at cloud storage is become most difficult attacks to stop. In proposed system implementing the concept of multiple cloud storage along with enhanced security using encryption techniques where encrypted data are splitted in different chunks. These splitted files stored in different cloud storage. For downloading encrypted key must which pass on authorized mobile number. Using partitioning and distributing method avoid number of security issues. No one cloud provider read complete data. So data protected from malicious user. Proposed system provide higher security to files over cloud storage achieve all security goals like privacy, confidentiality, integrity, availability. By implementing the cloud based storage it solve many business secure and safe storage issues. But on the other side many expert state that it is more risky to put the data over single cloud as it increase the malicious user attack possibilities hence by designed the proposed system extend the storage cloud security by distributing and encrypting the data. Proposed system gives the more security than other system. System takes the smart decision on the basis of user request.

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