Efficient and Secure RFID Authentication Protocol Without Proxy

Gaurav Gupta, Vishal Gupta


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is recently becoming popular, and plays definitely an important role in moving to ubiquitous society due to deploying its convenience and economic efficiency. Furthermore, RFID nowadays comes into the spotlight as a technology to substitute the barcode system. RFID is expected to achieve unlimited economic gain. RFID technology, on the other hand, is jeopardized from various attacks and problems preventing widespread RFID deployment. The focus is on designing a secure and efficient system for authentication between tag and reader in a RFID system. The reason is mentioned why untraceability and scalability is important to deploy RFID widely. There must be a trade-off between scalability and untraceability. However, we try to keep the constant computational time in back-end server regardless of the number of tags when designing an untraceable protocol. The earlier designed hash lock schemes are scalable, but traceable and randomized hash lock schemes are untraceable, but unscalable. Therefore, we designed a scalable and untraceable protocol. The protocol without proxies (1) supports ownership transfer, (2) considers multi-tag-reader environment, (3) receives messages from the tags, what a reader wants.


Radio Frequency Identification, Hash Lock Scheme, Untraceability, Scalability, Threats, Denial of Service, Spoofing, Confidentiality

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