Enhanced Security in MANETS with QAR and Admission Control

U. Manuraj, S. Neelavathi, S. Sangamesh, S. Vivek, Dr. S. Mangai


The mobile ad hoc network is an infrastructure less network. The mobile ad hoc network doesn’t have any central access point. It is difficult to provide a proper quality of service in the mobile ad hoc networks. This paper involves implementation of QAR(Quality Aware Routing) and AC(Admission Control) protocol. The use of QAR protocol is to find nodes with sufficient use of resources for supporting the QoS. The task of the AC protocol is to estimate the residual resources of the network. It enables to make decisions about whether newapplication data sessions can or cannot be admitted. We are using the QAR algorithm and AC protocol to improve the bandwidth, throughput and latency of the mobile ad hoc networks. Network simulator tool is used to implement the protocols. Also we are trying to increase the security in the data transmission.


QoS ,QAR (Quality Aware Routing),AC (Admission Control),NS-2

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