Security of Mobile Agent in Ad hoc Network using Threshold Cryptography

Saurabh Gupta


In a very simple form a Mobile Agent is an independent piece of code that has mobility and autonomy behavior. The main advantage of using Mobile Agent in a network is - it reduces network traffic load. In an ad hoc network Mobile Agent can be used to protect the network by using agent based IDS or IPS. Besides, to deploy dynamic software in the network or to retrieve information from network nodes Mobile Agent can be useful. But in an ad hoc network the Mobile Agent itself needs some security services. Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Authorization and Non-Repudiation services should be guaranteed both for Mobile Agent and for Agent Server. In this paper to protect both the Mobile Agent and Agent Server in an ad hoc network we have proposed a solution which is based on Threshold Cryptography, a new vibe in the cryptographic world where trust is distributed among multiple nodes in the network.


Ad hoc network, Mobile Agent, Threshold Cryptography, Security, Threats

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