Monitoring of Industrial Machine by using WSN

Jagbir Dhillon, Somveer S, Vikash Kumar, Pardeep P


A wireless sensor network (WSN) was used to create the enabling infrastructure for MEMS-based-accelerometer monitoring of machine tool vibrations. The research focus is not on vibration analysis but experiments have been carried out to show that wireless sensor networks, and their individual wireless sensor platforms, provide new tools for research in predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring of factory machinery in general, and for “smart machining systems” in particular. The small-scale wireless sensor platforms bundle together the main essentials for laboratory studies in process manufacturing: High speed steel end milling tools were used to machine stainless steel work piece materials at various feed rates over the range 125-500 mm/min. Through these tests it was found that both surface finish and feed rate can be positively correlated to the machine’s vibrations. [1] This paper provides a survey on implementing wireless sensor network (WSN) technology on industrial process monitoring and control. First, the existing industrial applications are explored, following with a review of the advantages of adopting WSN technology for industrial control. Then, challenging factors influencing the design and acceptance of WSNs. The state-of-the-art research efforts and industrial solutions are provided corresponding to each factor. [2]


Process Monitoring and Control, Topology Control, WSNs

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