Extremely Opportunistic Routing with Expected Transmission Count to Improve Throughput in Hybrid Wireless Networks

Vinay Kumar Challuru, Manikandan N


Dynamic nature of mobility in wireless networks has paved way for a new paradigm in this communication era. Routing protocol design is critical in order to improve the performance and reliability of wireless networks. On account of interference and unreliable wireless links during concurrent transmissions, routing presents a great challenge. A good routing scheme increases the packet delivery ratio and the throughput of the network. Opportunistic Routing (OR) technique attempts to deal with unreliable transmissions by utilizing the broadcast nature and spatial diversity of the wireless medium, in an efficient manner. The efficient utilization of resources in ad hoc networks using OR scheme gives lesser throughput than expected when minimum hop count metric is used. To combat the above limitations, Extremely OR (ExOR) scheme with ETX metric in hybrid wireless networks is proposed. The simulation study reveals that this approach efficiently utilizes resources and increases the end-to-end throughput.


ExOR, ETX, Routing, Throughput, Ad hoc networks, Hybrid networks

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