New Approach: 2d-Code to Store Data & Information Secure

Pravin B. Tamsekar, Gajanan D. Kurundkar, Vikas T. Humbe


In this digital era everyone is finding the way to store the large amount of information in a small unit. There is a Quick Response code in short it is called as QR code by the people. This QR code is nothing but the one kind of a matrix code. Most of the people are familiar with the barcode which in use from long time. The Bar code will stores less information than QR code. The It is also called as two dimensional barcode. Recently QR code captured the most of the market in all sector. Initially the QR code is used to track automobile parts throughout production, developed by Japanese company in1994. Later on QR code starts capturing the market in different fields, due to its tremendous features and easiest way of operability. QR code uses the smart phones for information decoding and the mobile technology already get familiar with the world. This will helped QR code to expand its services in other emerging areas. Today, QR code is used for business and commercial, educational, social networking and most of other areas. This paper describes the use of QR code in education and it could be use to except and decrypt the educational information. This paper also highlights the various applications and possible ways to store the educational information.


QR Code, QR Code Architecture, Education

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