Performance Analysis of Routing Protocol in MANET

Boopalan J., Chandra Mouliswaran S.


In wireless MANET, the transmitted packet may lost/drop due to fluctuations in radio link. AOMDV is a multi path on demand protocol which is used to reduce end to end delay using parallel paths. In this paper we analyze two on demand protocols CA-AOMDV and ZD-AOMDV which is not addressed in any other work.CA-AOMDV uses average non fading duration to route the packet and it will also selects stable links to discover the path, and applies a preemptive handoff strategy to maintain reliable connections by using channel state information. We can use the same information when the path is available again, rather than being discarded. The competition between the neighbor nodes to select multipath leads to end to end delay, to overcome this problem, we have to select a disjoint path ZD-AOMDV by using this two protocols we can reduce handoff and end to end delay in ad hoc networks.


Multipath Routing, End To End Delay, Handoff, Zone Disjoint, Channel Aware

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