Bad Code Smells-Software Maintainability Indicators

Preet Kamal Dhillon, Gurleen Sidhu


There are particular patterns in object-oriented systems that are perceived to lead to difficulties in the maintenance of such systems- these are termed as Code Smell and more particularly Bad code smells. It is held that to improve maintainability, Bad code smells should be eliminated by Refactoring. This paper presents the results from an empirical study that investigated the relationship between the bad smells and class error probability in an industrial-strength open source system. Our research, which was conducted in the context of the post-release system evolution process, showed that some Bad code smells were positively associated with the class error probability. This finding supports the use of Bad code smells as a systematic method to identify and refactor problematic classes in this specific context.


Bad code smell, software maintainability, software metrics, refactoring

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