Audio Compression Using Decibel chirp Wavelet: A New Approach for Psycho-Acoustic Model

Ravindra Changala, T Janardhan Rao, Annapurna Gummadi


The advanced technologies, transfer of data over the internet and multimedia era have become one of the basic needs in communication world. So that the design of multimedia workstations along with high quality of audio transmission and storage is a big challenge. In this paper we present a new design of a psycho-acoustic model by using Decibelchirp for audio coding following the model used in the standard MPEG-1 audio layer 3. The goal is to achieve transparent coding of audio and speech signals at the lowest possible data rates. This architecture is based on appropriate wavelet packet decomposition instead of a short term Fourier transformation. It’s is important characteristic is to propose an analysis of the frequency bands that come closer to the critical bands of the ear. This study shows the best performance of the existing.


Audio Compression,MPEG-1,Psycho-acoustic model,Wavelet Packet Decomposition, FFT, Frequency bands, Critical bands.

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