STATCOM Control Scheme for Grid Connected System for Power Quality Improvement

K.R. Suja, I. Jacob Raglend


The operating performance of wind electric generators has considerable stress on the quality of electric power and reliability in the performance power systems. Power quality issues such as voltage dip, harmonic distortion and reliability problems are main considerations in this work. The voltage distortion & reactive power issues are also considered. The powerful MATLAB tool is used to analyze the power quality issues and other reliability problems in this paper and also the performance of induction generator connected with grid is also analyzed for power quality problems. The compensator is designed to inject reactive power to overcome power quality problems and also for better grid operation. There is a continuous variation in terminal voltage because of the varying wind speed[8]. The addition of STATCOM into the system, supports to maintain the active power, reactive power and terminal voltage as constant [1]. The wind turbine generators have power electronic based converters can be effectively utilized for efficient control of power, but they generate harmonics. The modified STATCOM as shunt active filter which is used for reducing system harmonics and to improve the system performance. The STATCOM model is implemented using PIC controller.



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