Performance and Security Issues of RSA Cryptosystem

G. Jai Arul Jose, C. Suyambulingom


Security is always a major concern in the field of communication. Cryptographic techniques, such as encipherment, digital signatures, key management and secret sharing schemes, are important building blocks in the implementation of all security services. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm is a popular encryption scheme that guarantees confidentiality and authenticity over an insecure communication channel. There has been trifling cryptanalytic progress against this algorithm since its advent. This paper presents the fundamental mathematics behind the RSA algorithm along with a brief description of some cryptographic primitives that are commonly used in the field of communication security. It also includes several computational issues as well as the analysis of RSA security aspects against different kinds of attacks including the countermeasures against these attacks.


Public Key,Network Security,RSA,Cryptography,Brute Force Attack

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