Iris- A Reliable Secured Biometric Authentication

Sudha Thatimakula, Kezia R Badhiti


With the advancement in information Technology, Personal Identification System has become an increased interest for
providing higher security. Traditionally computer systems usually identify a person basing on what he has (keys, ID cards) or
something that what he knows (Passwords or Pin Numbers). In these methods there is a chance of deceiving the real
authenticated person and the fake or impostor will play the role. To overcome this difficulties Biometrics is playing a wide role
in authenticating a person by using his physiological or behavioural characteristics. This paper explains various physiological
or behavioural characteristics of Biometric and how Iris is consider as most reliable secured Biometric Recognition System.


Authentication , Imposter, Physiological ,Behavioural, Reliable, Biometric Recognition System

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