Ionic conductivity and relaxation process in CMC-G.A solid biopolymer electrolytes.

Mohd Fatihah MohdOthman, Ahmad Salihin Samsudin, Mohd Ikmar Nizam Mohamad Isa


The electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of Carboxyl methylcellulose (CMC) and glycolic acid (G.A) have been
measured by the electrical impedance spectroscopy method in the temperature range of 303 – 383 K. The composition of
glycolic acid (G.A) was varied between 10-50wt. % and the samples were prepared via solution casting technique. The highest
ionic conductivity at ambient temperature, 􀉐 (303K) is 1.04x10-4 Scm-1 for sample containing 40 wt.% of G.A. The system was
found to obey Arrhenius rule where R2~1 and prove that in this CMC-G.A system conductivity is thermally activated.


Solid polymer electrolyte, carboxyl methylcellulose, glycolic acid, ionic conductivity, dielectric study, activation energy

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