Experimental Investigation on Four Stroke Ceramic Heater Hot Surface Ignition C.I. Engine using Ethanol-Diesel Blends

R. Rama Udaya Marthandan, B. Durgaprasad, M. Kathirvel


Many alternate fuels are being considered for automotive vehicles. Ethanol is one of the alcohol that seem most promising.
Ethanol is an attractive alternative fuel from both natural and manufactured sources.Isoamylnitrate additive is used to
solubility of ethanol in diesel. The experimental investigations are carried out on four stroke single cylinder
stabilized zirconia ceramic heater hot surface ignition diesel engine to evaluate the engine performance characteristics
under steady state operating conditions at the specified speed of 1000rpm. The present work is investigate on ethanol-diesel
blends with and without additive for their suitability of hot surface ignition four stroke single cylinder C.I engine on
cylindrical type combustion chamber in varies ratios of ethanol-diesel blends. The blends are 100%diesel, 85%diesel with
10%ethanol and 5%additive, 75%diesel with 20%ethanol and 5%additive, 55%diesel with 40%ethanol and 5%additive,
35%diesel with 60%ethanol and 5%additive, 100%ethanol, 90%diesel and 10%ethanol, 80%diesel and 20%ethanol,
60%diesel and 40%ethanol, 40%diesel and 60%ethanol and 90%diesel and 10%ethanol. The fuel consumptions of the
engine fuelled by diesel were higher, compared with those fuelled by pure ethanol. The differences were from 10.2% to
31.5% at different engine loads. When fueled with pure ethanol given 26.7% out put at 4.5 kw and 26.8% at 3.5 kw engine
load. The stabilized zirconia ceramic heater is used to reduce the CO, HC, NOx and smoke emissions and improve engine
output behaviors. The reduction of CO emissions from the blended fuels were from 2% to 16.1% at 10% ethanol blends,
NOx emissions from 200.36 ppm to 1547.29 ppm and the maximum reduction of smoke was observed at 43.5%. Surface
ignition method of using 100% ethanol in diesel engines and the temperature of the air-fuel mixture adjacent to a hot surface
exceeds its self-ignition limit.


ethanol, ceramic heater, additive, combustion chamber, hot surface ignition.

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