Real-Time Health Monitoring System on Wireless Sensor Network

Deepak Choudhary, Rakesh Kumar, Neeru Gupta


In this work, a portable real-time wireless health monitoring system is developed. The system is used for remote
monitoring of patients’ heart rate and oxygen saturation in blood. The system was designed and implemented using
ZigBee wireless technologies. All pulse oximetry data are transferred within a group of wireless personal area
network (WPAN) to database computer server. The sensor modules were designed for low power operation with a
program that can adjust power management depending on scenarios of power source and current power operation.
The sensor unit consists of (1) two types of LEDs and photodiode packed in Velcro strip that is facing to a patient’s
fingertip; (2) Microcontroller unit for interfacing with ZigBee module, processing pulse oximetry data and storing
some data before sending to base PC; (3) ZigBee module for communicating the data of pulse oximetry, ZigBee
module gets all commands from microcontroller unit and it has a complete ZigBee stack inside and (4) Base node for
receiving and storing the data before sending to PC.


ZigBee wireless technologies, wireless personal area network (WPAN), Microcontroller unit.

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