Artificial Leg Control Using Upper Limb EMG Signal

Rahulsinh B. Chauhan, Kalpesh B. Pathak


This paper shows how the persons own upper limb electromyograph signals are used to give movement to an artificial leg.
Concept, Simulation and factors to implement artificial leg have been detailed. It presents how the artificial leg technology
processes signals to give feeling of natural walking and running to the amputee. Processing of signals after training period of an
amputee and control of artificial leg movement have been discussed. Site selection to place electrodes for acquiring EMG signal
has been discussed. Results from Processing of EMG Signal taken with flexion movement of wrist to get ankle movement have
been presented and discussed in detail. Importance of control system to generating control signal as an input to actuator has
been shown. Merits and demerits of design have also been discussed.


Prosthetic, Gait, Actuator, Surface electrode, Pattern Recognition, Photovoltaic

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