VIRUS The death trap for Computers

Sudesh MAAN, Rekha GAHLOT


This paper tells about the self replicating program called virus .computer virus are spread across open networks such as internet
,causes billions of dollar worth of damage in short amount of time .due to this self replicated program there will be great loss in
many important application. Viruses enter your system via e-mail, downloads, infected floppy disks, or (occasionally) hacking.
Thousands of viruses exist, but few are found "in the wild" (roaming, unchecked, across networks) because most known viruses
are laboratory-made, never released variations of common "wild" viruses. The idea of VIRUSES started with the possibility of
writing self-replication software. John Von Neumann put this idea forward in 1950. This was introduced in AT&T Labs as a
recreational game. Each would write the codes destroy other programmers’ code and the winner would be person left with the
more living code. - The Brain virus plague started in 1986. It was the first IBM PC computer virus and was able to infect 360KB
diskettes, thus spreading worldwide very fast. The virus managed to infect a lot of computers simply because people were
unprepared for computer….


Virus, Computers

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