Sreedhar Appalabatla, Mungamuru Nirmala, Kaliyaperumal Karthikeyan


The computer revolution is now well advanced, but although we see a starting preparation of computer machines in many forms of
work people do, the domain of computers is still significantly small because of the specialized training needed to use them and the
lack of intelligence in computer systems. In the history of computer science five generations have passed by, each adding a new
innovative technology that brought computers nearer and nearer to the people. Now it is sixth generation, whose prime objective is
to make computers more intelligent i.e., to make computer systems that can think as humans. The fifth generation was aimed at
using conventional symbolic Artificial Intelligence techniques to achieve machine intelligence. But it failed. Statistical modeling and
Neural Networks falls in really sixth generation. The goal of work in Artificial Intelligence is to build the machines that perform tasks
normally requiring human intelligence. Its true, but speech recognition, seeing and walking doesn’t require “intelligence”, but
human perceptual ability and motor control.


Artificial Intelligence, Speech Technology, Strategic Modeling, Neural network, Traditional Linguistics, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Hidden Markov Models (HMM).

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