Parameter Estimation in Gompertz Software Reliability Engineering Model for Web based applications

D. Swamydoss, G.M. Kadhar Nawaz, M. Lilly Florence


Predicting number of remaining failure in the software product is a critical issue. Many software reliability models have
been proposed and practiced in the fast three decades. However some important issues that are crucial to the proposed
modeling framework to be used in practice remain unstudied. Gompertz software reliability model is a popular model to
estimate remaining failures. It has been widely used to estimate software error content, it is an modified model of
Moranda reliability model. In this paper we have proposed a new approach in parameter estimation in Gompertz model.
In our approach we have built a correlation among number of test cases and number of failures. This approach would
greatly predict when to stop the testing. It is applied in a case study using defect report from system test of three releases
of a large project to determine how well it predicts the expected number of failures at a particular time.


Gompertz Reliability Model, Mean square estimation, Moranda Reliability Model, Software Reliability Engineering Model.

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