Smart Credentials cum Unique Identification and Recognition System

Lokesh Sheshrao Khedekar, Abrar S. Alvi


If your organization relies on passwords to prevent unauthorized computer access, or low-tech memory cards (e.g., swipe
cards) for facility access, you have security on par with the average 1980s car. Smart credentials — embedded in plastic
smartcards, USB tokens or mobile devices — offer companies advanced and versatile user authentication features. Smart
credentials eliminate the inherent weaknesses and costs of password authentication, and bypass the risk posed by legacy
physical card-access systems. Smart credentials let you provide secure access to computer networks (logical access) and
buildings (physical access).
The purpose of this abstract is to:
Discuss the advantages of using smart credentials for multifunction access
Describe the hardware and software components used in a smart credential environment
Provide questions to ask when searching for a smart credential solution provider



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