A Comparative Study of Different Concrete Mixes by Using Fly Ash and Crushed Sand

S. Arivalagan


Common river sand is expensive due to excessive cost of transportation from natural sources. Also large scale depletion of
these sources creates environmental problems. As environmental transportation and other constraints make the
availability and use of river sand less attractive, a substitute or replacement product for concrete industry need to be
found. River sand is most commonly used in the production of concrete poses the problem of acute shortage in many
areas. Whose continued use has started posing serious problems with respect to its availability, cost and environment
impact.In such a situation the quarry rock dust can be economic alternative to the river sand. Use of Quarry rock dust as
fine aggregate in concrete draws serious attention of researchers and investigators. Also in this research to study the
feasibility of the usage of Fly ash as replacement of cement substitutes in concrete. In this research study and compare
the mechanical properties of conventional concrete with different mixers by using fly ash and Crushed sand as fine
aggregate are waste material from structural point of view. It is found that the compressive studies of concrete made of
Quarry rock dust are nearly 10% more than the conventional concrete and fly ash also used to replacement of cement.


Flyash, Crushed stone, compressive strength

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