Introduction and Analysis and Design of a New Quasi Parallel Resonant DC Link (QPRDCLI)

Mojtaba Forooghi, Pezhman Aghaei


Soft switching techniques have recently been used in the design of DC-AC converters, in order to achieve better performance, higher efficiency and power density. One of the soft switching techniques applied in inverters is resonant DC links. These topologies have some disadvantage such as irregular current peak, large voltage peaks, uncontrollable pulse width, etc. Another soft switching method in inverters is using quasi resonant links, which have PWM modulation capability. In this paper, an inverter with a new quasi resonant parallel DC link with capability EDPWM (Enhanced Double PWM) which uses of single-phase soft switching technique (SPSS) is introduced. This circuit provides the inverter with two to three ranges of PWM control capability which increases the switching time control is larger range. Various operational stages of this new quasi resonant DC link and designing process are analyzed. Finally, simulation results of new QPRDCLI and some other samples by PSPICE software are presented to justify the circuit operation.


Inverter, Soft switching, QRDCL, PWM, Losses, EDPWM, SPSS.

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