Detection Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Affecting Lungs

Jisha Krishnan, Rejimol Robinson R


D iagnoising of diffuse parenchyma lung disease (DPLD) patterns is a challenge. Quantification of DPLD challenges
ComputerAidedDiagnosis scheme in ComputerTomography(CT) lung analysis. Here an automated scheme for volumetric
quantification of interstitial rheumatic arthritis patterns a subset of DPLDs is presented using a multidectector CT(MDCT)
dataset. After preprocessing using median filtering is done,Lung segmentation is achieved by 3D automated graylevel
thresholding combined to wavlet highlighting.The vessels are segmented using multi enhancement filtering. The goal is to
maximize intensity projection display will improve small vessel delineation and reduce organ overprojection . The
accuracy of such preprocessing stages is expected to influence the accuracy of lung CAD schemes .The feature extraction is
done by using Cooccurance matrix.This matrix is used to extract 14 features . This features are given to the classifier for
the detection of Rheumatoid arthritis. The accuracy and performance of the classifier is compared with another



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