Planning and Behavioural Study of Security For Wireless Sensor Networks

Veerbushana Belkeri, Sumata Patil, Gururaj Patwari


A s wireless sensor networks continue to grow, so does the need for effective security Mechanisms. Wireless
sensor network (WSN) hold the potential to revolutionize many segments of public security and military. As WSN
faces lot of security threats in its communication with the nodes in the networks, especially in the multi-hop routing
process it provides little protection against identity deception through replaying routing information. The intent of
this paper is to investigate the security related issues which cannot be solved by using normal cryptographic
techniques. To secure WSNs against adversaries misdirecting the multi-hop routing, we are implementing this
paper. It proves effective against those harmful attacks developed out of identity deception.


Wireless sensor networks, , routing protocols, security, Identity Deception, Cryptography.

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