Estimating the Probability of Project Completion by SIM_DEL Estimator

R.K Garg, Sonia Sharawat


Software has a far ranging nature and sometimes it is difficult to predict the cost. So, it was demanded to develop some useful models that predict the accurate cost, schedule and quality of a software product. There is a great need to accurately predict the cost by selecting the appropriate estimation method. Expert Based Judgment is quite successful. Wideband Delphi estimation comes under this category. This paper is aimed at implementing a simulator in C language which estimates the probability of a successful project completion. Feeding PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique) onto the WBD (Wideband Delphi Estimation) Process gives the required probability. Input to the process i.e. optimistic, pessimistic and most likely time for each module is given by the experts based on their highly specific knowledge.


WBD, PERT, Simulator, Estimation, Accuracy, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Expert

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