Privacy Preserving DATA Publishing of Social Networks: A Survey

Mona Tanwar, Jitendra Kumar, Avdhesh Gupta


Data is collected by government, corporations and individuals for knowledge based decision making and analysis.When data is published in its original form for the purpose, there is a threat to user’s privacy. Hence during data publishing, privacy of user’s sensitive information has to be ensured so that the information may not be misused which is termed as privacy preserving data publishing. There have been instances where sensitive information of individuals got disclosed and was misused by adversaries. Social networking sites are very popular these days but they make information of individuals very vulnerable to disclosure. This paper is a brief survey on privacy preserving data publishing of social networks; it also addresses the privacy breaches that take place in social networks as well as privacy mechanisms for social networks in the context of anonymization.


PPDP, Social Network, Anonymization

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