Overview of C5 Source Utilization in Fushun

Huang Wei, You Hongjun


Fushun, a region that lacks fossil energy resources, mainly depends on transportation from Daqing oilfield to meet its increasing energy demand. Waste of natural resources have an effect on the local environment and pollute the air and water and damage vegetation and ecological environment. The rich C5 resources from refinery in the south and east of Fushun, however, hold out the hope of C5 utilization industrialization, an innovative method to Fushun energy issue. It has higher energy efficiency than traditional method and the production is easier to store and transport. In so doing, the energy demand of Fushun will be satisfied and the local area pollution will be decreased to minimum at least. This paper introduces C5 utility in Fushun, for example, C5 resources are used to produce Tert-Amyl Methyl Ether (TAME), and petroleum resin, tertiary amyl alcohol and pentane and adamantine under perfluorinated sulfonic acid resin as catalyst, respectively.

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