New types of biopolymer electrolytes: Ionic conductivity study on CMC doped with NH4Br

Ahmad Salihin Samsudin, Mohd Ikmar Nizam Mohamad Isa


The development of new solid biopolymer electrolyte (BEs) system based on carboxy methylcellulose (CMC) is creating opportunity for new types of electrochemical devices, which may themselves, in turn, revolutionize many industrial areas. Biodegradable CMC doped with ammonium bromide (NH4Br) as BEs were prepared via solution-casting method. The polymer–salt complex have been analyzed through XRD measurement and impedance measurement. The sample containy 25 wt. % NH4Br exhibited the highest room temperature conductivity of 1.12 x 10-4 Scm-1. Small polaron hopping (SPH) model has been found to be most appropriate for fitting the experimental conductivity data.

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