ICT and Medical Training in Ghana: Shifting the Post at the University for Development Studies, Tamale.

Jerome Addah, Benson B. Konlaan, Abubakari Yakubu


This study assessed medical students utilization of ICT and their ICT skills, by developing and characterising a typology of medical students utilization of ICT, and identifying factors that can enhance or inhibit the use of these technologies for training medical students. Study participants included 135 fifth, sixth, and seventh year clinical students at the University for Development Studies Medical School. Multivariate statistical analysis (factor analysis and cluster analysis), and binomial logit modelling of the 135 responses obtained revealed two profiles of ICT use. The first profile (64.44% of respondents) represents those students who place high emphasis on ICT in their academic and social life. This group is thus referred to as ‘ICT-compliant students’. The second profile represents those students who make less use of ICT, so are consequently labelled ‘ICT non-compliant students’. From the statistical modelling, it was observed that factors such as; document management skills and clinical computing skills alone do not determine ICT-compliance. Therefore the integration of ICT within medical training at the cannot be realised without developing in students a continuum of skills.

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