Integrated Industrial Monitoring & Control System (IIMCS)

Dr. Rakesh Saxena, Ruchi Shukla


The paper proposes an integrated solution, based on Analog & Digital Sensors for the monitoring and control of various processes in industries. This implement ideal solution for monitoring critical plant on unmanned sites.This is an Integrated Industrial Monitoring & Control System (IIMCS) utilizing Various Sensors, Embedded System, RS232 network, RS485 network and Personal Computers.“Multi Parameters Multi Processes Monitoring and Controlling” is the basic aim of our system. In short we are integrating many types of sensors for many types of processes into a single system.GSM technology offers a cost effective solution to wide range of remote monitoring and control applications. The system can also be configured a mobile phone using SMS text messaging. Thereby, here GSM is used to monitor and control the actuators like valves, solenides and pumps etc. by sending a message through GSM modem. Hence no need to waste time by manual operation and transportation.

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