Performance Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol Under Black Hole Attack

Dhole Nandini V, V. S. Jadhav


A wireless Ad-hoc network is temporary network set up by wireless nodes usually moving randomly & communicating without a network infrastructure. Due to security Vulnerabilities of the routing protocols, however, wireless ad-hoc networks may be unprotected against attacks by the malicious nodes. This paper will investigate the effect of Black Hole attacks on network performance. Black Hole attacks are simulated in Network Simulator (NS-2.33) & evaluated its damage in the network. This paper examines AODV routing protocols and compares the performance of the routing protocol, with & without Black Hole attack.
The performance metrics used for performance evaluation are packet loss, throughput & energy. The simulation has shown that the with Black Hole AODV have a dramatic decrease in performance, however the AODV performs very well. A simple IDS solution is also proposed against Black Hole attack. This solution improved the network performance in the presence of Black hole node.

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